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True Fibre Optic Internet Plans

Many customers who approach Telstra directly requesting fiber find that they’re actually only getting quoted on Ethernet Lite – this isn’t fibre optic internet, it’s Ethernet over Copper (technically referred to as bonded HDSL). What you need is Ethernet SU.

The process of ordering can be time-consuming and, as a retail customer, you’ll often find yourself dealing with multiple Telstra employees. Our team understands this process and can manage it on your behalf. We’ll chase when necessary and get to the bottom of any delays, managing it for you until the service is installed and working.

We’ll also perform a series of on-site tests to ensure the perfect operation of the link, resolving any technical issues directly with Telstra. Plus, with our years of experience providing IT support, we can assist with any DNS changes, mail server configuration and VPN configuration changes that need to be made.

Ask us for a project plan so you can be involved in the process.

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